We Provide Total Personal Resposnse When You Need It Most

We Provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones with our personal response team always ready to answer you call.

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Our Our Personal Emergency Response System has a 24/7 connection to an emergency response center that will provide a quick response to any Emergency that your love one can face.

Personal Emergency Response

If a loved one were to fall one of our team members would call your loved one first to check if they answer then if they did not respond we would call you and the proper authorities.

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Benevolent Personal Response
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Benevolent Personal Response uses MYTREX, INC. devices to provide the best possible care for your loved ones.


The MXD is the first traditional PERS on the market to be completely VoIP compatible. When a customer switches from POTS to VoIP, the MXD simply makes the call when needed. As more homes get rid of their POTS lines and switch to the other mediums of communication, the MXD will continue to become more and more valuable.

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The MXD-LTE is the next generation in cellular PERS technology. Building on the foundation of the very popular VoIP compatible MXD, Mytrex is proud to bring you the MXD-LTE. As traditional POTS lines continue to decline, cellular connectivity has taken over as the feature in the PERS industry.

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